Merisha Sequoia Clark

Fort Ross 2012

Designed for a diplomatic expedition to Russia by the Native California Kashaya. They were gifts for the local Russians during the trip.

Currency Design

Designed a fictitious currency. Utilizing mesh and transparency in Adobe illustrator to create layers of security and realism. I chose a woman, the first woman to run for president of the United States in 1872 Woodhull. I would love to see a woman president and have her image on our Nations currency. Mockup in Photoshop.

Trading card template

Created in Illustrator mockup in Photoshop. This design was created for the Sonoma County Roller Derby league. SCRD is a woman's flat track roller derby league based in Santa Rosa, CA. These cards are to promote individual team members, the sport itself and encourage audience participation and excitement. The template layout can accommodate a three letter name or a long name like the mock up lays out. The number and position also changes to associate with each player.

Magazine Layout

Layout design class assignment. Demonstrates magazine layout utilizing a grid. I used appealing colors and images of Pollinators to create a desire in the viewer to want to save their lives by taking even a few simple actions. Mockup created in Photoshop.

Magazine Advertisement

Fictional vegan leather shoe brand. Made to target earth and animal conscious individuals. I used Adobe illustrator to create this design. Mock up created in photoshop.

Newsletter example

Newsletter with inspiration from the words insect and deceptive. My end result is a newsletter that at first glance looks like it will be about weddings, upon further look it is about saving the bees. I created the design using illustrator and InDesign.

Label Design

A Fictional Hard cider with a mixed tropical fruit flavor. Original Illustration and can design. Mockup in Photoshop.

Little bug bus stop ad

I started off by designing a screen printed clothing line of baby clothes with poo colored splatters with stink bugs. I took this photograph, edited to create filters in Photoshop and did an overlay to make the diaper prints look real. I designed the poster for a class project with fictional web address and location. The clothing line may still happen.


This poster is entirely based on the color green. The subject and mood came from surveying people about what that color made them think about. I created this is Illustrator. Ideally there would be a company logo and website in the lower right corner to further the viewers ability to act and make a difference.

Osmosis Day Spa Instagram

A single snapshot of post creation for Osmosis Day Spa Instagram.


Designed on commission for a startup project. Meant to be a logo or icon certifying that companies are invested in Indigenous benefit. The percentage sign is meant to change depending on how much each company or product benefits Indigenous cultures.

logikbar Logo

Logo design for a technology company, Logikbar started in 2016. Designed in illustrator. Left to right: Launch day first post to social media. Basic logo for all “paperwork”, this is a paperless company. Example of Logikbar service model using variations on the logo to show the service tiers. Another use of the Logo on social media, this was the banner for linkedin. Lastly the logos to the right are a progression of a re-design bottom to top. The updated logo has a softer more approachable feel

Delle Donne Logo

Delle Donne Farms is just getting started and wanted a logo that could change through the seasons so I used color to express holidays and seasons. Their main logo is more elaborate, to be used on signs and printed material. The D was hand drawn from the great grandmothers signature. Created in Illustrator using hand lettering and artistic brush strokes combined with hand lettering font.